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Relative Centrifugal Force - testing Micronic tubes

Relative Centrifugal Force

Isolating and separating suspensions and liquids is a common practice in chemistry, biology, biotechnology, clinical medicine and other life sciences. During these procedures, laboratory centrifuges expose samples against high relative centrifugal forces. 

Relative Centrifugal Force Centrifugal testing was performed to determine what relative centrifugal force (RCF) Micronic labware can withstand. Micronic products are often exposed to high centrifugal forces and are therefore tested to confirm that the products can withstand these circumstances. The RCF is measured by the force exerted on the contents of the rotor as a result of the rotation of the rotor. For this Tech Note, tests were performed with Micronic tubes in rack and individual tubes.

Read all about the test and conclusion here in the Tech Note from Micronic