3D celledyrkning

The core technology is the magnetization of cells with NanoShuttle™-PL. The cells can be aggregated with magnetic forces, either by levitation or printing, to form structurally and biologically representative 3D models in vitro.
  •         Mimicking native tissue environment
  •         Rapid 3D model formation within hours
  •         No specialized equipment, media, or artificial substrate
  •         Easy to handle / no sample loss
  •         Allows co-culture
With magnetized spheroids, solution addition and removal is made easy by using magnetic force to hold them in a stationary position during aspiration, thereby limiting spheroid loss. Spheroids can also be picked up and transferred between vessels using magnetic tools such as the MagPen™.
NanoShuttle™-PL consists of gold, iron oxide, and poly-L-lysine. NanoShuttle™-PL magnetizes cells by electrostatically attaching to cell membranes during an overnight static incubation. Magnetized cells will appear peppered with dark nanoparticles after incubation. NanoShuttle™-PL will stay attached to the cell membrane for up to 8 days, at which point it’s released into the 3D culture. NanoShuttle™-PL is biocompatible, having no effect on metabolism, proliferation, and inflammatory stress, and even encouraging proliferation in 3D. Additionally, it does not interfere with experimental techniques, such as fluorescence, or Western blotting.

384 Well Ring Drive
384 Well Ring Drive 1 STK GR-781850

384 Well BiO Assay Kit
384 Well BiO Assay Kit 1 STK GR-781846

384 Well Bioprinting Kit Clear
384 Well Bioprinting Kit Clear1 STK GR-781840

24 Well BioAssembler Kit
24 Well BioAssembler Kit 1 STK GR-662840

24 Well Custom Lid
24 Well Custom Lid 1 STK GR-662824

Imaging Kit
Imaging Kit 1 STK GR-657860

MagPen 3 Pack
MagPen 3 Pack 3 STK GR-657850