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OneWell Plate, PS, Lid, Vents 27,8 / 85,5 mm


Enhed: 4X8 STK
Steriliseret: Nej
Lager: Leveringstid 11 dage


  • Range of application: HTS petri dish for the cultivation  and screening of bacteria
  • Beside general bacteriological applications, the OneWell PlateTM can be used as a multipurpose liquid container or disposable for the denaturation, hybridisation and washing of membranes (Southern,Northern and Western Blot)
  • Format: microplate format following ANSI-Standard, working area: 95 cm2
  • Handling and the required incubator space are improved compared to a round cell culture dish
  • Notches on the left side of the plate and the lid ensure a secured lid position
  • Not sterile

Packaging Unit: 8 pcs/bag, 32 pcs/case GR-670102
Steriliseret: Nej
Partnr.: 670102