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ThinCertplade 6 F-bund TC PS 1/pk.


Enhed: 50X1 STK
Steriliseret: Ja
Lager: Leveringstid 11 dage

6 Well ThinCert™Plate, cell culture plate for tissue reconstruction in vitro

6-Well Thincert Plate with lid, sterile


  • Its deep wells allow a larger volume of medium to be available to the air-lift-culture. As a consequence, the frequency of medium changes may be reduced to one medium change per week
  • The reduced frequency of medium changes ensures that the medium conditioning lasts longer and an improved tissue quality is achieved
  • Optimized for use with ThinCert™ cell culture inserts
  • The ThinCert™Plate design consits of notches for fixing the position of the inserted ThinCert™ cell culture inserts. This ensures a stable and predictable postion of the inserts during the entire process of the cell culture
  • Total volume per well: 30 ml
  • Working volume in air-lift culture: 20 ml
  • Lid with condensation rings
  • Sterile


Quantity per bag/case: 50x1 GR-657110
Nettovægt i kg: 2.5
Steriliseret: Ja
Partnr.: 657110