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Rør 1.40ml V-bund 2D-kode til skruelåg roborack 10x96stk


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Lager: Leveringstid 25 dage

Tubes for Light Sensitive Samples - 10 Racks

1.40ml 2D Data-Matrix coded Screw Cap tubes Amber V-bottom in Roborack-96 White (Barcoded A1-H1 side)

The Micronic 1.40ml storage tube is available with a round or flat exterior tube bottom. Micronic 1.40ml round bottom tubes are proven to be an industry standard solution for many sample storage applications. The tubes provide an affordable way to improve your sample storage, handling, and logistics processes. The 1.40ml tube with a flat bottom is provided with a coded surface that cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to the unique 2K injection molding technique. As a result, tube codes can never wear or fall off. The 1.40ml tubes are standard available in the 96-well format Roborack, Comorack or Micronic 96-4 Rack. 

Kryorør 1,40 lysfølsom farvet

Material: Highest purity Polypropylene 
Inner tube shape: V-Bottom
Tube height in the rack: 46.5mm
Resistance: Chemical solvents 
Temperature range: Vapor phase LN2 to +100°C MI-MPW52649BC3
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Gevind Type: Indvendigt
Volumen: 1,4 ml