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Rør 1,4ml 2D,U bund m/Skruelåg snap 96-4 Rack, Green


Enhed: 10X96 STK
Steriliseret: Ja
Lager: Leveringstid 64 dage

Micronic 96-4 Rack - Steril 

1.40ml, U-bottom, pre-capped green screw cap, high cover,  2D Data-Matrix coded

The Micronic 96-4 Rack can hold 96 individual 1.40ml tubes Internal Thread with TPE Low Profile Screw Caps or Screw Caps or 1.40ml tubes External Thread with Screw Caps. Precision manufactured in a certified class 7 clean room production facility, the Micronic 96-4 Rack is based on the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (ANSI/SLAS) standards for storage racks and accommodates 96 tubes.

Superior features

  • Compatible with the leading sample storage automation systems (-20 °C, -80°C and lower temperatures)
  • An extremely strong design which minimizes deformation due to temperature changes
  • Made from Polycarbonate which has excellent properties for low temperatures
  • Autoclavable
  • Based on the ANSI / SLAS standards for storage racks
  • Novel locking system for cryogenic storage: "icebreaker" mechanism
  • Highly transparent cover enables easy visual checking of the enclosed samples
  • Standard available with laser-etched 1D rack barcode (type 128B)
  • Unique laser-etched Alphanumeric coding on top of the rack
  • Rack orientation marks on bottom and side
  • Twist-Lock design prevents tubes from turning during screw (de)capping
  • Class 7 clean room production

Material: Highest Purity PC
Rack height: 30mm
Height w/ High cover:55.8mm
Chemical resistance:++/+
Temperature range: Vapor phase LN2 to +140ºC

Sterile, gamma radiated (15 kGy Avg.) or EtO treated

Customized 1D rack barcode

Unit: 10X96 MI-MP52553LS-Z05
Nettovægt i kg: 0.7
Steriliseret: Ja
Gevind Type: Indvendigt
Volumen: 1,4 ml
Partnr.: MP52553LS-Z05