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Cryorør 1,0ml IVUS w/lid writing area


Enhed: 10X100 STK
Steriliseret: Ja
Lager: På lager

Cryovial 1.0ml  w/lid - Sterile

Single-handed QuickSealClosureSingle-handed QuickSealClosure
The range offers 5 convenient sizes of tubes: 0,5 ml –1,0 ml –2,0 ml –4,0 ml –5,0 ml.

  • Outer thread
  • No O-ring
  • Star foot
  • Graduate measurement
  • Frosted writing area 

The only cryo tube with an external thread and star foot, that can be stored in standard 10 x 10 cryo boxes. Which gives a 23% additional storage capacity, compared to conventional cryo solutions.

The cryotubes are easy to recognize with indicating the maximum recommended filling for freezing in liquid nitrogen in the vapor phase at -196°C, for your security for safe storage.

The single-handed quick seal closure allows tightening or removal with only half a turn, avoiding long-term wrist injuries.

Turnable 2Colored Inserts offered in 3 different color combinations. In a total of 6 colors.

Do not use cryotubes for storage in the liquid phase but in the vapor-phase above the level of the liquid phase nitrogen. Always use appropriate safety equipment and handle according to following steps:
1) Freeze to -20°C and keep for two hours.
2) Freeze to -80°C and keep for two hours.
3) Freeze to -196°C.

RNase / DNase free
Material: Polypropylene
RCF: 17,000
Quantity: 10 x 100 pcs.

Steril IV-8010-S
Steriliseret: Ja
Gevind Type: Udvendigt
Volumen: 1,0 ml
Partnr.: INV1