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Micro-Tubes, strips of 8 tubes 1.2 ml, round


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ratiolab® Micro-Tubes

The 0.65 and 1.2 ml micro-tubes can be supplied as single, strips of 8 or in 96-well format as a refill system for 8 x 12 plates.

Translucent polypropylene (PP) with very low protein binding.

• available as individual Micro-Tubes or Micro-Tube-Strips of 8 tubes for use with Micro-Racks

• volume 0.65 or 1.2 ml with round bottom

This is a highly practical system for processing small volumes.

The reusable Micro-Rack is the work station and takes 96 micro-tubes in the standard 8 x 12 SBS microplate format. It is a stable and robust system and has a dust-tight lid. A sloping edge helps the positioning of the refill unit.

The side edges can be labeled with a barcode. The rack is excellently suited to use in automatic dosing and robotic systems. RL-8200002
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Partnr.: 8200002