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Tips, 100 µL, filter bevel point, Racked


Enhed: 10X96 STK
Steriliseret: Ja
Lager: Leveringstid 25 dage

Micropipette Tip with filter - 100 µL. Racked - Sterile

Bevel pointed - 49.6 mm length

High-class pipette tips from Qualitix - Protection from aerosols.  Hydrophobic HDPE filter with 10 µ pore size to block any contaminant. Documented high purity level.
Empty tip racks can be recycled to use with the Tip Fill Rack System.


  • 100 µL
  • Filter
  • Racked
  • Sterilized
  • Length:49.6 mm 
  • Bevel point 
  • Quantity:10x96 pcs.

 Micropipette tips Socorex® compatibility chart Compatibility chart page 6 – 8                                Qualitix Rack SOC-30800100FRS
Steriliseret: Ja
Filter: Ja
Low Retension: Nej
Pakningstype: Racked
Reload: Nej
Volumen: 100 µl
Partnr.: 3080_0100FRS