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Alpha Lab pastette | tips | tubes | sealing | sample tubes and more

Alphalaboratorie source quality laboratory products that improve efficiency, performance and user experience. From ergonomic pipettes that reduce strain in use to the purest plastic consumables that ensure the best results and no assay interference. 
In addition to products from leading manufacturers, our own Alpha brand specialist laboratory plastic consumables bring you trusted supplies developed in response to customer needs. These include Pastette® which are available in over 40 designs and can be used for many specialist as well as general purpose requirements. A safe and convenient alternative to glass pipettes, available in numerous shapes and sizes. 

Alphaloaboratories also have a range of products for use in molecular biology labs. Centred around PCR and electrophoresis, our aim is to offer you a range of quality products at affordable prices.

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Benchmark Scientific - Centrifuges, Shakers, Rockers, Rotators, Homogenizers, Thermal cyclers, Microplate Readers, Shaking Incubators, C02 Incubators, Electrophoresis, etc.

Benchmark Scientific provides research laboratories with innovative, cost effective products and solutions designed to improve laboratory efficiency, safety and results. They have everything within centrifuges, shakers, rockers, rotators, homogenizers, thermal cyclers, microplate readers, shaking incubators, C02 Incubators, electrophoresis, etc.

Their emphasis on next generation technology, quality and value has served their customers and our company well. As a result of their recent growth, they have expanded their facilities, their staff and their product lines to serve you better. 

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Sterican needles and Omnifix Syrings

B. Braun is one of the world´s leading healthcare suppliers. 
The strengths of B. Braun lie in its know-how and perfected technologies. They create user-friendly products by combining the new with the tried-and-tested. Two factors are of outright importance here: safety and quality. They place the strictest demands on the reliability of our products and services. Quality assurance is therefore a firm component of their activities in all areas. Every product runs through a multitude of tests before it is ready for the market. In this way they are able to offer a constant high level of quality.

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Biological Industries serum & medium for cell cultivation

Biological Industries develops, manufactures and supplies life science products to universities, government research and healthcare institutions and to the biopharmaceutical industry. With an in-house R&D Department and 30 years of experience, as well as through know-how collaborations with academic researchers, we have introduced a series of serum-free media and many other products for animal tissue culture and molecular biology. In recent years, we have developed NutriStem® - a serum-free, xeno-free gold standard stem cell culture media for optimal growth and expansion of pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells, advancing the fields of stem cell-based therapies.
Biological Industries distributes its products in 40 countries worldwide, and exclusively represents in Israel many world-leading international companies.

We are committed to a Culture of Excellence through high quality, cost-effective and innovative products and services, tailored to our customer's specific needs.

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BioSera serum and media for cell cultivation

Biosera supplies the highest quality animal serum, including fetal bovine serum, and ancillary cell culture products to culturists around the world. Our cell culture media and cell culture research labs provide our customers with a reliable experience. We make it a goal to stay up to date with the latest heat inactivated fetal bovine serums and fetal bovine serum prices. Our proximity to serum sources enables us to provide a wide range of certificated origins. Our experience in supplying biological and perishable materials allows us to deliver our high quality products, such as heat inactivation fbs, to customers near and far.  This coupled with our dedication to providing the best in customer care makes Biosera the perfect solution to your cell culture.

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BOBY | the popular trolly storage 

Boby is much more than a simple container: it is the trolley storage unit that made design history. Designed by Joe Colombo and launched in 1970, it was awarded first prize at SMAU in 1971 and is part of the permanent collection of both the MoMA and the “Triennale” in Milan. Functionality and detail are its strong points which, together with an undeniably pop flavour, continue to make it the most popular storage trolley in creativity sectors as well as in the medical, and in the home. Designed with injection-moulded ABS plastic drawers and compartments that guarantee simple vertically modular solutions, Boby provides versatile customised storage capacity, while its polypropylene casters guarantee full mobility.

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Dauphin laboratorie chairs

The focus in designing room layouts should be on the individual human being and their precise needs. This is what Dauphin firmly believe in. To achieve this aim, they have brought together their brands, their know-how and their integrated approach under the umbrella of the Dauphin. In the fields of research, industry and commerce, there are areas with special requirements in terms of safety, materials and durability. The work chairs, stools and products for the laboratory, standing-(seat) workstations or 24-hour use from this range caters for all the specific conditions in these instances. They also guarantee the highest level of safety, comfort and performance for users throughout their working-day, e.g. in production halls, chip manufacturing, chemical laboratories or at checkouts.

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Elmi small instruments 

ELMI Ltd. Is a leading laboratory equipment manufacturer in the Baltic States and Russia operating since 1989. Their focus is supplying the industry with state-of-art technologies of extra quality and performance at reasonable price. Product range is constantly updated to fit the very latest and modern techniques and customer desire. 
The up-to-date business management methods used by ELMI allow them to operate with low costs and response to market needs very fast. ELMI products are produced in the best manufacturing environment and meet strict quality controls that allows to keep satisfying customers throughout the years.

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Grandberg single-use gloves | chemical-resistant gloves 

Perhaps the greatest invention ever made in the world of gloves. We offer a huge range of vinyl, latex and nitrile single-use gloves. Whether you are a car mechanic, tattoo artist or a medical doctor – we have the right gloves for you. 

Choose between vinyl, latex or nitril, with or without powder.

Chemicals are one of the most dangerous substances that our bodies can be exposed to. Your hands are often the first part of your body to come into contact with these hazardous substances. On our web page we have created a large searchable database containing more than 1,000 different chemicals and compounds. With our gloves and extensive know-how, we can help you to achieve better protection when working with hazardous chemicals.
Choose between PVC, latex and Nitrile/Neoprene.

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Grant Small Instruments

Grant Instruments, based near Cambridge, England, is an independent, privately owned company, founded in 1952 by Peter Ward and Cecil Chapman.
Grant is a world leader in the manufacture and design of equipment for sample preparation, scientific analysis, data acquisition and data analysis providing solutions to the global scientific and industrial markets. The company has a worldwide reputation for paying the highest attention to quality, reliability, service and support.

In the last 60 years, Grant has expanded both organically and through partnership and acquisition and now co-owns Biosan and Eltek Ltd. The company is organised into two focus areas - Scientific and Data Acquisition. Grant also provides custom solutions for unique or special applications.

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Greiner consumables for cell cultivation

Greiner develops and distributes products for the cultivation, storage and separation of cells and for specific applications in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research. The company’s product line CELLSTAR® offers a wide spectrum of cell culture flasks, dishes and plates. Their functional design, particular material properties and special coatings enable these vessels to be used not only in standard cell culture but also in cancer research, viral diagnostics, genetic engineering and vaccine production. The Cell Culture product sector was recently expanded with the innovative Advanced TC™ polymer modification. These cell culture products have a special surface that enables more effective cultivation of fastidious cells and facilitates complex testing systems. 

For high-resolution microscopy and live cell analysis, Greiner Bio-One offers the new CELLview™ dish, a polystyrene cell culture dish with an embedded autofluorescence-free glass bottom. The unique subdivided version of the dish is ideally suited for multiplex analyses, for example, and is also available with the Advanced TC™ surface.

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Interscience instruments for microbiological analyses  

Interscience is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of solutions for quick and safe microbiological analyses in food, agro-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetical, veterinary, medical, clinical, environmental and chemical analyses. 
Their products are of High-quality and used for collecting and testing any solid sample and get bacterial results with full traceability.
Their R&D center is the heart of their company, with more than a 3rd of the team dedicated to making the best products on the market with innovation that matters to their clients in labs.The company is run by Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques, of engineering and management background and was founded in 1979 by their father François Jalenques, physicist.
Interscience has its international headquarters in France, direct sales capacities worldwide and sales offices in USA (Boston, MA) and China (Shanghai). The rest of the world is covered by an excellent distributor network trained for sales and support.

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IVUS urine collection set | Tips | Cryotubes & boxes

IVUS ares Superior quality consumables for hygienic collection, handling and storage of biological fluids. The products are CE marked and radiation sterilized at Sterigenics Denmark as.

IVUS Urine Kit are manufactured by request from doctors and hospitals to simplify and facilitate clean urine collection. Sterilized and ready to use for microbiological sampling.

IVUS pipette tips are manufactured with a patented technology to increase pipette accuracy and precision. IVUS tips are available with or without an aerosol barrier filter. The superior low-retention X-Resin tips comes in sterile, bulk and reload.

IVUS Cryo Tubes is designed with a tight closing that eliminates contamination. The IVUS tubes is there for a safe solution for storing within cell banking, biobanking, pharma research and transportation of biological materials.?

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Corning Labnet International small instruments 

Bioscience Research Laboratory Equipment and Accessories from Corning Labnet International
Founded in 1984, Labnet International started with the basic mission of supplying high quality, utility, and value to bioscience research laboratories. We have maintained that mission for over 30 years, and combined it with a focused effort on growing our business through new product introductions and expansion of our distribution network.
Today, Labnet International is a leading worldwide supplier in a number of core product areas: centrifugation, liquid handling, shakers and rockers, constant temperature equipment, and laboratory plastics. Our well established brands which include Spectrafuge, BioPette, Enduro, AccuBlock, and MultiGene are recognized internationally as reliable and effective bioresearch tools.
Our in-house product design and development teams are continually working on new products to meet the evolving needs of the scientific research community. From our headquarters in Edison, NJ (USA) we are able to efficiently serve our bioscience research customers worldwide - providing our customers with excellent technical support, service, and quick delivery for their laboratory equipment needs.
Bioscience Research Equipment and Accessories
At Labnet International we understand the need for precision, quality, and reliability in bioresearch equipment. Whether you’re conducting experiments in medical research, forensic biology, DNA analysis, or organic chemistry, we guarantee our products will meet and exceed your high expectations.

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Medical Wire test & transport swabs

MWE has recently celebrated 60 years of trading - today they are acknowledged as the market leader in our field.
Stanley Broggio, the founder of MWE, started the company is his own garden shed with the production of wire swabs and general laboratory components. The company quickly went from strength to strength and moved to new premises during the 1960’s to accommodate the production of a growing range - which included the world’s first range of individually packed sterile swabs. In 1975 the ground breaking innovation of the Transwab® revolutionised the industry; an innovation which is still heralded as the industry standard across the globe.
MWE have continued to trade and grow successfully throughout the decades, despite economic downturn and a changing market. New product launches such as Virocult®, Sigma-Swab® (∑-Swab®), Polywipe™ and Rapid Test Strips™ have ensured a leading market share in the field of laboratory solutions and the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Today MWE produces in excess of 100 million medical devices per annum, and has an extensive network of global distributers working on their behalf. Their Transwab® range is recognised as the market leading product of choice and their portfolio of products and prestigious clients continues to grow.
All clinical Transwab® products comply with the CLSI standard M40-A (for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices).
Medical Wire's clinical products are CE-marked as medical devices (up to Class IIa) or in vitro medical devices, manufactured to ISO 13485:2003.

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Memmert Heating and drying ovens | Incubators | Climate chambers | Waterbath & oilbaths

Worldwide Leader in Technology.
Since its founding days in 1947 strong relations with customers around the globe has been one of the reasons for the success story of the Memmert brand and for becoming one of the leading suppliers of temperature control appliances for the lab.
Memmert’s most important objective in research and development has been controlled atmosphere, which means all parameters are controlled with the utmost precision. Inseparably linked to this are reliability, optimum temperature homogeneity and stability, user friendliness and an outstanding price/performance ratio. This promise to customers and users is called: 100% AtmoSAFE.

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Micronic Sample Storage Tubes 

Micronic is a leading global supplier of traceable sample storage
solutions to biobanking and other laboratory facilities. Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage solutions for over 30 years, Micronic is uniquely capable to offer you the expert advice to help safeguarding what may be the most valuable assets your laboratory houses - your samples.

Micronic offeres a complete Line of sample storage tubes that fit in 96-well, 48-well or 21-well ANSI/SLAS standard rack format. This comprehensive rang contains tubes from 0.50ml to 7.50ml and are suitable for the moste common laboratory storage appilcations.  Through their complementary sealing products, racks and equipment, Mironic is able to offer you a complete storage solution.

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Micronic Code Readers | Cappers & Decappers

Micronic is a leading global supplier of traceable sample storage
solutions to biobanking and other laboratory facilities. Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage solutions for over 30 years, Micronic is uniquely capable to offer you the expert advice to help safeguarding what may be the most valuable assets your laboratory houses - your samples.

Micronic offeres a complete Line of sample storage tubes that fit in 96-well, 48-well or 21-well ANSI/SLAS standard rack format. This comprehensive rang contains tubes from 0.50ml to 7.50ml and are suitable for the moste common laboratory storage appilcations.  Through their complementary sealing products, racks and equipment, Mironic is able to offer you a complete storage solution.

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Mortic microscops | cameras

Motic was established in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialized in manufacturing conventional compound microscopes. Owned by Speed Fair Co., Ltd, the company has grown into a global brand with sales offices in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the United States.

Their manufacturing base in China consists of four wholly-owned factories with Motic Xiamen acting as the production and design headquarters of the company. Xiamen's Research and Development centre has over 100 professional engineers and technicians covering optical, mechanical, industrial, electronic and software design. Today, Motic's dedicated team members of more than 2000 individuals are ready to assist you in finding competitive solutions. During the late 1990s, the company started to explore and develop affordable digital microscopy solutions consisting of imaging hardware and application software. This has proven to be a worthwhile investment turning Motic into one of the leading brand names of digital microscopy products.

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National Lab freezer boxes

National lab is our main supplier of Inventory Systems for Specimen Storage. Freezer boxes in fibercardboard and plastic, as well as vertical, horizontal and drawer racks.

One of the most popular storage box systems are the EPPi® Kryo Boxes system. The EPPi® Kryo Boxes system identifies itselfs by its consequent logical concept guided by practical use as a cascade of well varied heights and identical horizontal dimensions, so all diverse types of tubes and vials with various diameters and heights fit within one special type of box, but all boxes themselves fit into one closed storing concept. You don't reach not only a well secured, but also highly effective storing density by using optimated cooling volume- at least minimizing storing costs per used storing volume. All boxes fit into a storing system, which can be orientated horizontal for fast, comfort and clearly arranged handling or vertical orientated for secure and effctive long term storing by loosing minimal temperature. Due to these two storing concepts you have also ability to change your storing location highly reliable and fast, always controlling your available freezing capacities.

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Ratiolab consumables & lab ware

The product category “Lab Ware” offers a wide choice of products for general laboratory applications. Their high quality cuvets, tubes and vessels are used in a multitude of laboratory applications. Even the clinical field is covered with their Uri-Lab multi purpose beakers and bottles, ear tips and funnels.

For over 40 years now - often in close cooperation with their customers - they have been developing professional solutions for routine laboratory work, research, science and industry. Anything that can facilitate work, increase accuracy, enhance process safety and in general increase the efficiency of the lab is within their scope.

Their Quality Management is certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001; for only uniform and constant high quality enables laboratory work to be done with the necessary accuracy and reproducibility.

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Socorex quality pipettes | electronics pipettes | Stepper | pipette controllers | bottle top dispenser  

Socorex Isba SA is a Swiss manufacturer of high precision laboratory instruments used for reliably measuring, dosing, transferring, dispensing and injecting liquids in a large number of applications.

Manual and electronic micropipettes, single and multichannel pipettors, repeater pipettes, dispensers, pipette controllers and re-usable syringes, together with pipette tips, consumables and accessories, constitute the heart of the programme. Each instrument bears its own serial number.

The company is committed to manufacturing the most reliable products and to offering the best services. “A to Z” Quality Management includes stringent component selection, quality check at every production stage and individual instrument performance control in the metrology laboratory, attested by an individual ISO 8655 certificate.

Warranty coverage is three years on all manual pipettors, two years on electronic pipettes, dispensers and repeaters.

Selected amongst the best laboratory equipment suppliers, an international network of distributors carry a stock of products and provide technical support, repair and calibration services.

The efficient Service Center offers a global maintenance programme in its Ecublens accredited laboratories. The selection ranges from basic check to ISO 17025 accredited calibrations of all micropipettes and dispensers - whatever their brand.

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Scientific Specialities PCR plates | tubes | microtubes | tips | working racks 

Scientific Specialties, Inc. is a privately held designer and manufacturer of injection molded plastic consumable and durable products for the life science research industry. Our innovative product portfolio includes thin wall PCR consumables, tubes, pipette tips, and racks used in labs around the world.

Scientific Specialities Tips

The economical choice for everyday pipetting needs is the Standard Tips. The Vertex™ Pipette Tips were developed following extensive research to provide users with a high degree of fluid confidence and control while pipetting. Internal studies have indicated these tips provide less fluid retention and less sample loss. All Vertex tips are manufactured using our specially formulated NoStick resin. Macro Volume tips has High Precision for 5 and 10mL, and are offered with Filtered and Un-Filtered. They are available in Bulk, Autoclavable Racks and Sterile. Robotic tips, comes in refillable racks and space-saving EcoPac refills for Biomek® FX workstations.

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Swann-Morton surgical blades | scalpels | handles

Founded in Sheffield during 1932, Swann-Morton have become a world leader in the manufacture of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. It is a name respected globally for quality, precision, consistency and reliability and recognised for combining traditional blade making skills with the latest technology.

The preferred choice of many of the World's surgeons, the wide and varied range of products consisting of around 70 individual blades shapes and 30 different handles is also used extensively by other healthcare professionals such as G.P.s, Nurses and Paramedics along with practitioners in the associated fields of Dentistry, Podiatry and Veterinary surgery.

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T&M Freezerracks

T&M is our main supplier of freezerracks for sample storage for refrigerators, freezers and chest freezers.

The vertical stålracks is designed for chest freezers. The horizontal steelracks is designed with a convenient drawer system that facilitates the management of storage boxes in upright freezing and refrigerators.

T&M also produce storage boxes in cardboard boxes in several sizes and colors. Both boxes and racks can be custom made on request.

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Velp Scientifica small analytical instruments 

Established in 1983, VELP Scientifica is today a growing provider of analytical instruments and solutions that has made an impact on the world-wide market with Italian products renowned for innovation, style and premium materials.

A Leader in the sector of laboratory instruments, VELP offers four diversified business categories: the Food & Feed Line, the Environment Line, the Stirring Line and other Lab Equipment.

VELP is a reliable partner for the development of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories, universities, research centers and companies involved in scientific research.

VELP Scientifica owes its success to a rich patrimony of ideas, conspicuous investments in R&D and ongoing technological development aimed at maximizing productivity and product differentiation and reducing the time-to-market.

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Vitl Life Science heatsealer

Vitl Life Science Solutions is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality laboratory and analytical instruments.

We offer a wide range of laboratory instruments - from the world’s best-selling Microplate Heat Sealer to our collection of programmable mixers/shakers and vortexers. Our products are suitable for applications such as ELISA, DNA isolation, enzymatic reactions and sample incubation, and provide rapid and accurate results to researchers worldwide. Our quality products have been tried and tested all over the world including, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New York State Department of Health, and are available through a network of global distributors and trusted OEM partners.

As a member of the ITL Group, Vitl benefits from 40 years’ experience and expertise of its parent company, and with facilities in the UK, USA, and China it enables us to offer our clients worldwide support.

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