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The Innova refrigerated shakers are stackable solutions that provide very broad temperature capabilities for culturing a wide variety of organisms.

For over 60 years, New Brunswick Shakers have been synonymous with quality construction and durability. They have been used in any other shaker and our top-of-the line Innova models - and continues to be the market leaders.

  • Innovative design and unparalleled fabrication provide worry-free operation, often over decades of continuous use.

  • “Set it and forget it” programming in our incubated models enables you to store and recall multi-step, multiple parameter programs for unmatched convenience, automated operation and reproducible results.

  • New Brunswick Shakers have comprehensive warranty that is backed by a support organization known for top-rate customer care.

  • Products from Eppendorf offer the largest selection of shakers in the industry to meet a diverse range of culture requirement.

  • Heavy-duty construction allows us to guarantee that our shakers will perform to your specifications, even when fully loaded and operating at top speed.

Top-of-the-line Innova lab shakers feature the Eppendorf triple-eccentric drive for uniform motion and superb reliability under the most adverse conditions. 
Innova temperature-controlled models provide the convenience of programmable controls to automate ramping temperature and speed up and down, and cycling optional photosynthetic and UV lighting on and off at pre-set intervals.

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»Built to Endure« New Brunswick shakers are life time shakers. A New Brunswick™ shaker by Eppendorf is built to endure while providing highest performance during its complete life cycle, paired with minimum maintenance needs. Crucial when combining long lasting performance with high precision and accuracy is the heavy-duty construction. Manufactured in premium Eppendorf quality, New Brunswick shakers continue to take the lead in all markets around the world since 1946. Experience accurate, precise and worry free operations for many years to come with New Brunswick shakers by Eppendorf. We guarantee you that our shakers will provide worry-free operation for many years, based on highest-quality materials with superior design and precision fabrication.

With the New Brunswick shakers this means:

  • Unique triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive

  • Provides performance within specifications, when fully loaded and operating at high speed

  • Only usage of materials made of the highest-quality

  • Designed superiorly and fabricated to the highest precision

  • Exceptionally accurate microprocessor-controlled temperature and speed


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User friendly

Advanced Control for Shakers 

»Set It and Forget It« Full control in harmony with complete ease of mind. New Brunswick™ shakers of the Innova 4X series enable the full convenience of one button programmable controller for reproducible results.

Set automated changes to parameter

  • 4 programs
  • set-points on a time basis
  • 15 individual time-based steps
  • Time-based automated temperature speed and agitation control

Temperature reference function

  • Enables you to match the temperature display to a reference point – in the flask or the chamber

Easy finetuning with one button operation  

  • Control speed in increments of 1rpm, temperature in 0,1°C and running time in 0,1hrs
  • Set operating parameters and monitor current status by an easy-to-use display
  • Carefree automated maintenance reminder after 10,000 hours of operation
  • Audible and visible indication when your program is finished

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Eppendorf Ergonomic Shakers

The living tradition of Eppendorf Shakers. Laboratory workflows and routines become more and more demanding, time-sensitive and complex - and with that the design of ergonomic laboratory equipment becomes more relevant. 

Eppendorf identified early on that the ideal instrument is tailored to those ergonomic demands. That starts with the ergonomic design of the instrument itself (e.g. rounded shapes, quiet operation, intuitive usage and interface, low force operation). In addition, it comprises the easy implementation of the instrument into an ergonomic work environment and includes the optimization of work routines in the lab. This legacy concept for ergonomy in instruments is also applied to the Eppendorf Shakers:

  • Exceptionally quiet operation provides a favorable work environment

  • Easy and convenient monitoring of the process achieved by clear lids, large viewing windows and internal lightning

  • Effortless and safe access to samples by space saving glide up doors, hydraulic arms and slide out platforms

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Easy to clean

Top-of-the-line Innova® Shakers 

Protect the motor and expand the life span of your instrument. The incubated and refrigerated New Brunswick Innova®  shakers from Eppendorf are the most versatile shakers when it comes to shaking and incubating your cultures under stable and reproducible conditions.

Prevention of spills and easy of cleaning has effects on:

  • Down-time of the equipment.
  • Repair costs.
  • Time invest of personnel.
  • Reproducibility of results due to limited risk of contamination.

As a consequence, the drive mechanism is protected at all times:

  • No costs due to unnecessary repairs, no downtime of the equipment.
  • The chamber and the spill pan can then be cleansed with a damp cloth.
  • As a consequence the cleaning can be done easy, fast and frequently which is crucial to keep up a routine to prevent contaminatio.

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Top-of-the-line Innova® Lab Shakers  

Other shaker manufacturers may offer triple-eccentric drives in their shakers, but only New Brunswick models offer a broad-based cast-iron support mechanism - the most stable in the industry. Properly sized to each shaker and specifically designed to support your high-speed applications and heavy workloads.  
For shaking in ambient conditions: on the bench, in an incubator or in a warm or cold room, the Innova Platform Shakers are the instrument of choice. Dependable operation is due in large part to the New Brunswick triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive.

The New Brunswick Innova shakers are durable and simply built to last

  • Assurance of a long continuous useful life, without requiring an inordinate degree of maintenance.
  • Ability to undergo permanent deformation without fracturing.
  • Ability to exist for a long period without significant deterioration by resisting effects of heavy use.


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