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Electrophoresis Compact L chamber,tray 23.9x20.0cm


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Compact L Horizontal gel electrophoresis

Complete system with chamber with levelling feet and gauge, safety lid, UV transparent gel tray (23.9 cm x 20.0 cm), 3 combs (36 wells, 1.0 mm thick)


The "maxi" cells Compact L and Compact XL are designed for high-troughput separation of fragments as well as PCR screening or RFLP.

  • Gel size 23.9 cm x 20.0 cm (L) or 23.9 cm x 25.0 cm (XL)
  • UV transparent gel trays
  • Multichannel pipet compatible combs for direct sample transfer from microtitre plates
  • Chambers and gel caster with levelling feet

Compact L and Compact XL only differ in their included tray and comb versions. Eleven different combs ensure a wide choice that fit to the respective sample size and volume. Especially for the separation of high sample numbers the four different multichannel pipet combs are helpful in saving working time. Compact XL ideally meets the microtitre plate format. With four 26 well combs the capacity of one microtitre plate plus eight markers can be separated in one run with running distances of 6 cm. Using eight 52 well combs by running distances of 3 cm the capacity is even up to 416 samples or 4 microtitre plates plus 4 markers per comb!

A specific gel casting system allows the simple and fast gel casting in both tray sizes.


Apparatus dimensions (W x L x D, cm): Approx. 29.5 x 38.5 x 9.5
Gel dimensions Compact L (W x L, cm): 23.9 x 20.0
Gel dimensions Compact XL (W x L, cm): 23.9 x 25.0
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