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Skabsfryser 55 l -40/-80°C udv.360x468x320mm


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ULUF 65 fryser -86°C

Dimensions exterior WxDxH (mm): 600x700x810
Capacity (L): 54
Dimensions interior WxDxH (mm): 360x468x320
Insulation (mm): 120
Temperature range (°C): -86 / -40
Max. ambient temperature (°C): 25
Power supply (V): 230
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Power consumption (KWH/24H): 6,3


Low energy consumption
•Low noise level
•Low heat dissipation
•Insulated inner doors
•Castors and door key lock
•Ergonomic loading
•Heated door frame
•Heated vacuum valve
•100% HCFC/CFC free
•Filterless construction
•Porthole for external temperature probes

The ULUF 65 freezer -86°C  is the optimal solution for an office or a minor laboratory. It has a storage capacity of 54 litres and single compressor technology. The technology is a filter less construction, which prevents problems due to dust build-up on the filter. It ensures easy maintenance, less heat dissipation, low energy consumption and noise reduction. The controller is very user-friendly and all features such as alarms and data logging functions are included as standard. DAI-1418-ULUF65
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