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Pipettehjælper FastpettePro digital, batteri, display


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FastPette™ Pro - Ultimate Pipette Controller

Motorized and Ergonomic

The new FASTPETTE™ PRO- Lightweight and ergonomically shaped motorized pipette controller designed for work with glass or plastic serological pipettes from 0.5 to 100 ml range. Conveniently positioned switches allow choosing different operation modes and speed depending on the volume of the serological pipette and liquid viscosity. Additionally aspirating and dispensing speed is controlled through two comfortable finger triggers.

LCD Display Pipette

When fully charged, the NiMH batteries enable up to eight hours of continuous use. The large LCD display the serological high viscosity faspette indicates the battery status along with the pipetting mode and speed selected. In order to protect the device against overfilling the FASTPETTE™ PRO is equipped with a 0.2 um PTFE filter. The filter, the pipette holder and the nosepiece are autoclavable. The FASTPETTE™ PRO is also supplied with a universal battery charger, an additional hydrophobic 0.2 µm filter and a two-position charging stand.


Weight: .48lbs/.22k
Battery life: 8 hrs.
Battery charging time: 7-8 hrs.
Auto clavability Nose piece, pipette holder & filter
Pipette types: Glass or plastic, 1 to 100mL
Electrical: 120 - 240V LN-P2002
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