FACSCOPE B, Automatic cell counter (Bright field)
FACSCOPE B, Automatic cell counter (Bright field)
FACSCOPE B, Automatic cell counter (Bright field)

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FACSCOPE B, Automatic cell counter (Bright field)


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Automatic Cell Counter

Facscope B is an automatic stand-alone cell counting system based on a bright-field microscopy. Facscope B overcomes inconvenience associated with conventional hemocytometer by providing features such as autofocusing, customized presets, various counting modes, and user-friendly software. 

  • Autofocusing feature increases work efficiency and reduces human error
  • Disposable counting slides eliminate the need for washing slides
  • Selectable and customized presets
  • Auto calculation of viability
  • Precise gating adjustment using histogram function
  • Easy to save results and generate results


163 × 293 × 216 mm


5 Kg

Objective lens


Light source

4W Green LED


5Mega pixels high resolution monochrome CMOS image sensor 

Measuring concentration range

1 x 104 ~ 1 x 107 cells/mL 

Detectable cell diameter

5 ~ 60µm

Counting area

Quick mode: ~0.15 µL

Normal mode: ~0.9 µL

Precise mode: ~3.6 µL

Measuring speed

Quick mode: ~20s per test

Normal mode: ~30s per test

Precise mode: ~100s per test

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