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Kam til 16 prøver 1.5mm til Midi Plus


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Gel Comb 16 well MC 1.5mm thick

For Clarit-E Choice electrophoresis system Used for casting agarose gels Sample volume in a 5mm thick gel 41µl

A large selection of combs is available for all of our Clarit-E electrophoresis gel tanks. Selecting the right comb or combination of combs enables you to tailor the system to your precise requirements.
Preparatory combs with 1, 2 or 4 sample wells plus 1 or 2 marker lanes allow you to maximize the amount of sample processed. The sample number can be maximized by choosing combs with more wells.
In addition, combs for most horizontal systems are available in 4 different thicknesses. Where samples are valuable choose thinner combs which minimize the sample volume and ensure sharp narrow bands. Thicker combs are better when samples need to be recovered for further processing.
All comb specifications state the volume of sample which can be run in each well so you can choose the ones which exactly fit with the procedures you want to do.
What's more, all our gel tanks include a specified number of combs in the price, but you can choose which ones to include. Extra combs can be purchased separately.
The combs are made in a 2 piece construction with a rigid back which prevents warping if placed into agarose which is too hot. They are also height adjustable enabling you to adjust sample volumes further.
All combs are labeled with the number of wells, and the different thicknesses are color coded for easy identification.
Black - 0.75mm for ultra resolved bands.
White - 1mm the most commonly used thickness.
Red - 1.5mm for maximizing sample volume.
Blue - 2mm for maximizing sample volume.

Well Number: 16
Well Volume (5mm thick gel): 41µl
Comb Thickness: 1.5mm
Colour: Red
Multichannel pipette compatible: Yes
Gel Tank Compatibility: Clarit-E Choice AL-EL1400-16MC15
Nettovægt i kg: 0.5
Steriliseret: Nej
Partnr.: EL1400-16MC15
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