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Sigma Transwab 1 x Sigma Swab, 1ml Liquid Amies & Cap Capture


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Sigma Transwab 1 x Sigma Swab 15 cm, 1ml Liquid Amies & Cap Capture


Sigma Transwab® with standard Sigma swab. This features an integral swab capture, which is fully compatible with automated systems. The bud type is cellular foam.

Recommended applications

Use for wound, skin and throat.

All clinical Transwab® products comply with the CLSI standard M40-A (for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices).


  • Liquid Amies.
  • Sigma Swabs for optimum sample pick up and release.


  • Liquid phase allows rapid sampling.
  • Open cell flow through foam bud allows full access and release of sampled organisms.
  • Compatible with conventional and automated processing. MW-MW176S
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