Air liquid interface culture for COVID-19 research

We and our supplier, Greiner Bio-One, are pleased to share a publication with you which was recently published in the renown EMBO journal and deals with ThinCert cell culture inserts as a useful tool for COVID-19 research. Please refer to the attached document ‘Air liquid interface cultures for COVID_19 research’ for a simple to understand summary of this paper.

As this study (full text also in the attachment, embj.20105114 (1) (002) via LINK) emphasizes the possibilities and advantages of air lift cultures for COVID-19 research, it may inspire other COVID researchers and help them to expand their spectrum of methodology. Scientists may consider to utilize organotypic cultures instead of/ in addition to real lung tissue.

Read the doc ‘Air liquid interface cultures for COVID_19 research" here.

Everyday, media from all over the world report on the current situation and progress in combating the rapidly spreading coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). More than ever before, the life science sector is in the focus of the public and therefore you as our customers.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of laboratory consumables, Greiner Bio-One face the challenge and are your reliable partner even in this crisis. They are here to meet the needs of clinical and research laboratories by guaranteeing high quality products, fast shipping and excellent customer service.

Only together do we have a chance to fight the virus and we give our best by being there for you with our products Today. Tomorrow. Always. #WeBeatCorona

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February 2019

Touchless Urine Sampling Kit

Do you get the right test result?

  • Up to 42% of urine specimens are contaminated which leads to incorrect results.

  • Sterile and proper urine collection can reduce this by up to 77%.(LaRocco et al. 2016)

IVUS urine sampling kits are developed upon request from clinical workers and patiens, to simplify and facilitate clean, hygienic, sterilized and touchless urine collection. 

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November 2018

CELLview™ Microplates

For automated microscopy and high content screening

Greiner Bio-One is extending its highly successful CELLview™ product family by two new microplates designed for demanding microscopic applications and high content screening. Consisting of a low autofluorescence black cyloolefin frame with an ultra-transparent 170 μm borosilicate glass bottom, the innovative CELLview™ Microplate design features a recessed well-bottom elevation to enable complete access of peripheral wells with low working-distance objectives.
The new CELLview™ Microplates are sterile, single packed and come with either regular TC treatment or Advanced TCTM treatment for demanding cell lines and primary cells.

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October 2018

A better alternative to the traditional cryo tube

Micronic expands their range of ‘Hybrid’ tubes by introducing two innovative tubes that provide a better alternative to traditional cryo tubes. The so called 2.00ml and 3.00ml tubes with external thread hybrid guarantee sample traceability, optimize working volume and increase overall sample storage efficiency.

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About Micronic

Micronic is an independent organization with its headquarters located in the Netherlands. Their goal is to advance research by serving scientists in finding solutions that contribute to a higher quality of life.They develop and manufacture a range of Dutch-designed products to enhance the process of sample preservation and storage.

Micronic cryotube okt 2018

September 2018

In Vitro and Socorex

In Vitro get a new supplier of high-precision quality laboratory instruments

In Vitro have a new supplier of high-precision quality laboratory instruments. Socorex Isba SA is a Swiss manufacturer of high precision laboratory instruments used for reliably measuring, dosing, transferring, dispensing and injecting liquids in a large number of applications.

Quality Pipettes

Manual and electronic micropipettes, single and multichannel pipettors, repeater pipettes, dispensers, pipette controllers and re-usable syringes, together with pipette tips, consumables, and accessories, constitute the heart of the program.

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September 2018

Greiner Bio-One

Microplate Greiner Bio-One

Customer information

Black printing on clear 96 well ELISA microplates GR-655080 and GR-655081

In addition to the established design and proven quality our clear 6 well multiwell plates as well as clear 96 well microplates (F-bottom/chimney well) will come in future with a black printing as novel feature. The printing was designed to improve the identification of the respective plate as well as its usability.

It includes:

- Alphanumeric coding for fast orientation

- Type of surface treatment for simple and fast plate identification: TC, Suspension, MICROLON®, Advanced TCTM, Non-binding, Cell-repellent, CELLCOAT®

- Lot number and expiration date on all TC, Suspension and MICROLON®-Plates. (For technical reasons, barcoded plates can just be printed with alphanumeric coding.)

Furthermore, a new frosted field at the side of the plate enables individual labelling by the customer.

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nyhed GR ELISA

August 2018

New product – Ergonomic LidTwister

Reduce hands and arms injuries with the new LidTwister from In Vitro.

The LidTwister is designed to twist the lid on and off, on standard plastic centrifuge tubes in the sizes of 15 and 50 ml.
The LidTwister is a great help to laboratory staff who daily repeat the unhealthy movement by turning the centrifuge lids on and off. The many twists throughout the day can result in permanent hand and arm injuries over the years. Some of these damages can now be eliminated by the LidTwister.

The LidTwister is very easy to operate. You simply place the tube in the holder, close the door, and the device turns off the lid of the centrifuge tube and leaves it loosely on top. Likewise, the devise turns the lid back on. The LidTwister are reliable and ensures a uniform and tight screwing of the centrifuge lids every time.

A device as the LidTwister is the right investment for a laboratory that wishes to take care of its employees and be leading with an ergonomically correct laboratory solution. For more detailed information on the LidTwister please contact Kim Bidsted at In Vitro, kb@in-vitro.dk or +4530507004


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July 2018


Discover the new AREX-6 Connect PRO

VELP is proud to present the AREX-6 Connect PRO, the first cloud enabled hot plate stirrer with superior heating & stirring performance and absolute safety.

The AREX-6 Connect PRO allows real time monitoring of speed and thermoregulation, complete data logging for maximum efficiency and analysis reproducibility. It is now possible to create and share reports anytime, anywhere and be sure to be always informed thanks to the event and alarm notifications. Effortless connection to VELP Ermes Cloud Platform via secure Wi-Fi to benefit of immediate software update and enhanced service.



Nyhed 2

June 2018

New collaboration between Vitl and In Vitro

Vitl Life Science Solutions is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality laboratory and analytical instruments.

Vitl offer a wide range of laboratory instruments - from the world’s best-selling Microplate Heat Sealer to our collection of programmable mixers/shakers and vortexers. Our products are suitable for applications such as ELISA, DNA isolation, enzymatic reactions and sample incubation, and provide rapid and accurate results to researchers worldwide.

Vitl quality products have been tried and tested all over the world including, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New York State Department of Health, and are available through a network of global distributors and trusted OEM partners.

As a member of the ITL GroupVitl benefits from 40 years’ experience and expertise of its parent company, and with facilities in the UK, USA, and China it enables us to offer our clients worldwide support.

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Nyhed 3

June 2018

CE-IVD Labelling for Cryo.s™ Biobanking Tubes from Greiner Bio-One 

Greiner Bio-One constantly strive to meet the high demands on their products in terms of safety and quality and to improve them wherever possible. They are pleased to announce that their Cryo.s™ Biobanking tubes, will receive the / IVD label as of 1st June 2018.

For our customers, this change opens up further applications for these products in the diagnostic field.
That means on this date, the purpose will change and read as follows:
“Cryo.s™ Biobanking Tubes are for storage of tissue, cells, fungi, bacteria, spores, cellular extracts or body fluids at ultra-low temperature for research and development as well as diagnostic purposes. Cryo.s™ Biobanking tubes must not be stored in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen, but only in the gas phase above. Cryo.s™ Biobanking tubes are not intended for any application in the context of reproductive medicine.”

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Nyhed 4

May 2018

First choice for specimen collection and preanalytical processing for infectious disease

Transwab® Range from Medical Wire

Transport for Aerobes, Anaerobes, Fastidious bacteria, Viruses, Chlamydia and Mycoplasma

Specimen preparation for Salmonella from faecal specimens, Nucleic acid analysis, Sputum, MRSA and Group B Streptococcus

Inactivation of deadly pathogens Mycobacteria, Viruses and Bacteria

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Nyhed 6

May 2018


Cell culture flask for automated systems - AutoFlask™ from Greiner Bio-One 

Greiner Bio-One, in collaboration with the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research foundation (GNF), San Diego (USA), has developed the unique AutoFlask™, designed for automated tissue culture. The external dimensions comply with ANSI standards to render the flask suitable for use on a wide range of cell culture and liquid handling systems. Sterility of the flask content is ensured during solution exchanges through a robot accessible pre-scored multiple entry septum. The oval design facilitates a specified slit position and maximal slit length to permit septum piercing with disposable plastic tips. The novel centrifugation pocket enables separation of cells from supernatant inside the flask minimising the risk of contamination. The integrated hydrophobic filter ensures adequate gas exchange during
cultivation of even very sensitive cells.

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Nyhed 6