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DMEM High Glucose w/ L-Glutami w/o Sodium Pyruvate


Enhed: 500 ML
Steriliseret: Ja
Lager: Leveringstid 25 dage

Dulbecco's Modified Eagles Medium

DMEM High Glucose w/ L-Glutamine w/o Na Pyruvate w



  • Offers excellent performance for certain epithelial, endothelial and granulose cell types
  • With proper supplementation it is a highly successful basic media for serum free cell culture
  • Low Glucose (= 1,0g/L)
  • High Glucose (= 4,5g/L) BS-LM-D1109-500
Nettovægt i kg: 0.65
Steriliseret: Ja
Partnr.: LM-D1109_500