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MEM w/ Earle's Salts w/o L-Glutamine w/ 25 mM HEPES


Enhed: 500 ML
Steriliseret: Ja
Lager: Leveringstid 25 dage

Modified Eagle's Medium

MEM w/ Earle’s salts w/o L-Glutamine w/25mM Hepes



  • A modification of BME featuring increased amino acid levels to more closely resemble the protein content of human cells
  • MEM serves as a general used medium ideal for the growth and maintenance of a wide range of mammalian cell types
  • Often used to support anchorage-dependent cells
  • Modified solutions can be used to support other cell types BS-LM-E1145-500
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Steriliseret: Ja
Partnr.: LM-E1145_500