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HBSS Hanks balanced salt opl. m/phenolrødt/Ca/Mg/Na.bicabon.


Enhed: 500ML
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Lager: Leveringstid 25 dage

Buffer Liquid 1x Concentrate

Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) w/Ca w/Mg w/Na Bicarbonate w/phenol red

Physiologically balanced solutions are intended for use in the maintenance of mammalian cells where a chemically defined, balanced salt solution provides an environment that will maintain the structural and physiological integrity of cells in vitro.

Composed of a phosphate buffer system, sodium chloride adjusts the osmolarity and perhaps sugar and metal ions for a short time for nutrition and stabilisation of morphology. BS-LM-S2035-500
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Partnr.: LM-S2035-500