Extra Sharp Micropipettes - Swiss Quality from Socorex

We are proud to present the high-quality pipette from Socorex. The pipette series with its range within all kinds of pipetting is a must for every laboratory. It has an incredible number of good features, ergonomically correct design and even up to 3 years warranty on most pipettes. The Socorex Acura® manual family was built with the user in mind. Instruments combine high-tech materials with exceptional user-friendly ergonomics. Whether in research or routine applications, they bring more than superior performance and make pipetting safe and exact.


Now at In Vitro - The Socorex Acura® manual XS

- Excellence in ergonomics

- Light weight and softness in use

- Unsurpassed metrologic performance and stability

- Adjustable tip ejector* fitting most tips

- Swift-set user calibration system*

- Shock, UV-light and autoclaving resistance

- CE certified IVD 98/79 EEC

- Three-year warranty

Socorex - quality pipettes from Swiss

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The pipettes must be returned in the same condition as received. Properly cleaned, disinfected in the original packaging.


Excellent Features


3 year warrenty

There are three-year warranty on all Acura® Manual XS pipettes.

And alle the pipettes ar IVD af CE approved.

Light Weight

Reduced weight : 83 - 88 grams, lighter than other leading brands.

Each instrument bears its own serial number and passes strict performance control attested by an individual QC certificate.

Light weight

Extra Smooth Activation

Unique tightness lip seal provides for ultra-soft pipetting, thus reducing hand fatigue while working. Forces are indicative of very limited finger efforts. Yet, the overshoot stop offers a clear tactile indicator.


Superior drivability

Short shaft enhances the precision of hand movement. A great help in fine applications such as pipetting in microtubes. Ergonomic finger hook in line with overall hand comfort.

enhances precision

Easier tip ejection

Soft padded, large tip ejection button stands for comfortable thumb position. Patented JustipTM height adjustment system permits the optimal fitting and ejection of a wide selection of tips.

Tip ejection easier

Minimum maintenance

Shock, heat, chemicals and UV light resistance is provided by carefully selected materials and good construction. Consequently, maintenance requirements are close to inexistant. Thorough cleaning and sterilisation can be achieved by autoclaving the instrument fully assembled (121°C / 250 °F - 20 minutes).

Minimum maintenance


Reliable volume setting

Self-locking click-stops (fine raster) for precise and safe volume setting. Free rotating, colour coded cap independent from volume adjustment.

safe volume setting

Swift-set calibration

Easy user calibration system with integrated key. Locking mechanism protected by calibration seal sticker.

Swift-set calibration

High visibility counter

Located on the front side, the contrasted volume digits remain visible at all times during pipetting.

High visibility


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TwiXS Pack - Get more for less


Acura® manual TwiXS Pack

Instrument ideal for research laboratories. Optimized shape / size ratio cares for superior drivability, improved hand movements when working with micro tubes. Unique lightness lip seal* reduces activation forces and provides for ultra-soft pipetting, further reducing hand-fatigue while working. Unsurpassed metrologic performances to fullfill the highest pipetting requirements. A total of 8 micropipettes covering volumes from 0.1 to 1000 µL.

Get more information here about the Socorex Acura® manual XS pipettes here

Ready-to-use set - Choos between six different packs
  • Two Acura® manual XS pipettes
  • Free shelf pipette holder
  • Qualitips® samples
  • QC certificates
  • Operating instructions
  • E : 2 - 20 µL
  • G : 10 - 100 µL
  • H : 20 - 200 µL
  • K : 50 - 200 µL
  • N : 100 - 1000 µL
  • Q : 200 - 1000 µL


Elektronic Micorpipettes - Acura® Electro


Built-in working flexibility

Latest up-grade of a successful line making electronic pipetting simpler and safer than ever. The microprocessor-controlled instrument includes intuitive software avoiding any complicated programming steps. No particular skills are required to get quick access to six working modes and many volumes to select from. 

Surf through mode selection by pressing a single button.

  • Forward mode
  • Reverse mode
  • Stepper mode
  • Dilution mode
  • Tactile mode
  • Mixing

Get more info about the Acura Electronic here


-for the Acura® electro models 926XS micro, 936 macro, 956 multi

  • Optimal ergonomics, light weight
  • Easy, intuitive self-teaching programme
  • Large display, reversible for right or left reading
  • Swift-interchange battery pack
  • Fast charge, long working autonomy
  • Justip™ adjustable tip ejector* fitting most tips
  • Pipetting cycle counter
  • 27 interchangeable volumetric modules all fitting same control unit

Environmental conformity compliances:

  • Energy star®: Qualified power supply for a better environment
  • RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

QC certificate and Two-year warranty.



Electronic Pipettes - Benefits

Electro benefit

Natural ergonomics

The Acura® electro offers shape, balance and working ergonomics resembling those of a manual instrument. But comfort is so greatly improved that pipetting and result consistency are just outstanding.


Control software gives immediate access to calibration menu. Performance check possible over two or three independent volumes (Vmin, Vmid and Vmax). New settings entered directly from the keyboard.
Error message warns of any inaccurate plunger movement.

Time efficient maintenance

Pipette construction limits maintenance to a minimum - no tool required to remove volumetric module. The pipetting cycle counter facilitates maintenance monitoring. Whenever sterilisation is needed, volumetric modules can be autoclaved at 121°C / 250°F.

ramme electron

Pipetting cycle counter

A simple double click gives access to the number of pipetting cycles performed since last zeroing.

Sound can be turned on/off anytime.

Variable working speed

Located on the front side, speed selector allows swift change even during the pipetting process. In addition, slow speed access at any time by gentle touch of start button.

Unique “right or left” display reading

Display converts instantly to right or left side reading. All information clearly presented and visible at a glance during programming, pipetting and calibration steps.


Long working autonomy

NiMH battery pack exchangeable instantly. Fast battery charging (< 1.5 hours) and extended working autonomy (> 3000 consecutive pipetting cycles). Battery charge level clearly visible on display. Automatic energy saving stand-by when unused.

Interchangeable volumetric modules

One control unit fits a choice of 27 volumetric assemblies available separately. This greatly extends working possibilities and makes electronic pipetting affordable to all budgets. Disassembling and re-assembling without any tool contributes towards maximal flexibility.

Calibration specificities of extra modules - as set by factory QC or by pipette owner - are retained in instrument memory.

Tip ejection - easier than ever

Maximal efficiency obtained with a large surface, ergonomically located ejector button. The shaft height adjustment system called JustipTM (4 mm span) - controlled by efficient click-stops - allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle.

ramme electr

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